Microsoft SharePoint 2013 - For SharePoint Readers And Authors

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The skills and knowledge acquired in Microsoft SharePoint 2013 - For SharePoint Readers And Authors are sufficient for SharePoint users with either Read or Edit permission levels to be able to effectively use and operate SharePoint.

This manual is divided into two parts. The first part describes the functions that all users (including those with Read permissions) can perform. The second part describes the functions that all users with Edit (or higher) permissions can perform.

Note: Preparation of a SharePoint training site and user accounts is required prior to running this course. Click here for course information and setup notes.

At the completion of this course you should be able to:

  • understand the basics of SharePoint including SharePoint sites and their components
  • navigate SharePoint sites
  • work with documents, lists and libraries
  • perform searches in SharePoint
  • use the social networking features
  • work with OneDrive For Business
  • create, modify and delete sites in your personal site
  • prepare a training site
  • create and work with files and list items
  • create lists and libraries
  • work with calendars and events
  • create, modify and delete views for lists and libraries
  • create and work with wiki pages
  • create and work with web part pages
  • understand workflows and be able to create and work with three-state workflows

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